Saliva with Soapbox Arson & What Happened Yesterday

The Blind Tiger presents

Saliva with Soapbox Arson & What Happened Yesterday

Soapbox Arson, What Happened Yesterday

Tue · June 27, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is all ages

Saliva's new album: Love, Lies and Therapy OUT NOW!

After acquiring front man Bobby Amaru in 2011, Saliva became infused with new blood, energy, and spirit. The same energy launched Saliva’s career in 2001 with the release, Every Six Seconds – a certified Double Platinum-selling album, containing the hits, “Click Click Boom” and 2002 Grammy nominated, “Your Disease.” Saliva’s in-your-face, anthemic writing style continued with a certified Gold-selling album Back in to Your System with hits: “Always,” “Raise Up,” and the Nikki Sixx co-written, “Rest In Pieces.”

Saliva has toured the USA and world with bands including (but not limited to), Sevendust, Aerosmith, and KISS. They’ve also appeared on the main stage at countless fairs, festivals and bike rallies – Sturgis, Rockin The Rivers, Daytona Bike Week, Rock on the Range, Welcome to Rockville to name a few.

Saliva’s most recent studio album was written on their own terms around their road dog touring schedule. After taking a year to write, record, and self-produce new material with Bobby Amaru’s musical contribution of writing and production, Saliva had become a new unified team. With their current release titled, Love, Lies, and Therapy, the band would not be rushed or pushed into deals that were not advantageous toward the growth and expansion of Saliva as a whole. Upon adding former Shinedown and Fuel bassist, Brad Stewart, as a permanent member, Saliva solidified their new lineup consisting of: Wayne Swinny, Paul Crosby, and Amaru.

If you missed catching the explosive energy of this new line up on the 48 date Make America Rock Again tour last summer/fall, get ready for 2017. Saliva are putting something special together this year and looking forward to seeing all of their friends on the road along with making a few new ones. Watch as new dates post on the tour page.
Soapbox Arson
Soapbox Arson
Rock/hard rock

Josh Smith- Vocals/guitar
Stephen Cook- Drums
Doug Hamel- Bass
David Stephenson-Guitar

Soapbox Arson is a four piece North Carolina based rock band. Hard grooving and melodic riffs, powerful vocals, emotional lyrics, and a lot of fun

Soapbox Arson came together in a garage at the end of 2013, but this isn’t the first time the four members have played together. Josh and Stephen have been playing music together for close to 14 years, and have formed a musical bond that is almost telepathic. In the summer of 2004 Stephen and Josh joined forces Dave and Jeremy, in an upstairs room in Stephen’s house, to form the band Trait. During the year that Trait was together the guys learned about brotherhood in a band, how to write music together, how to put on a live show, and how to party. The chemistry between these four guys was one that was never again replicated in any of the other musical ventures that the members would attempt. Trait didn’t play a bunch of shows and they didn’t have many fans, but the experience went beyond the music and bonded the four members for life. After Trait the guys went their own routes, honing their musical skills with other musicians, starting families and careers. The guys remained close friends and always talked about music, and the idea of trying to play together again, but it never worked out and it seemed like maybe the time had come and gone.
It had been nine years since Trait ended and Josh was tired of trying to make other bands work, Jeremy and Dave hadn’t done anything serious with music for years, and Stephen was still playing drums but not in a band. So Josh and Stephen decided to start trying to jam again and write some music, still remembering the great chemistry of before, and thinking that this may be the last chance to do anything serious, they reached out to Dave and Jeremy. It was an emphatic YES! Everyone was in, now it was time to see if they could write anything, and more so would anybody want to listen?
In the winter of 2013/2014 the guys jammed out riff after riff, mulling over every change and transition, and songs began pouring out. King of Nothing and Heisenberg were the first two songs to really catch fire, soon after came Cancer Mouth and Love Sick, after adding in Lost Souls and Shovelhead(from their old Trait set) Soapbox Arson had their sound. It was raw and gritty with powerful vocals, chunky and catchy guitar riffs, heavy bass, and a massive drum display. So Soapbox Arson hit the scene, and though these guys have been playing music for awhile they were virtually unknown amongst anyone in the local scenes. They hit the ground running, playing any show they could get, at any time slot, and with any band that would have them. Show after show Soapbox Arson made more friends and fans, although many shows had less than ten people including the staff. Perseverance and great attitudes began to pay off, Soapbox Arson recorded a three song E.P. at JP Audio labs, secured a manager in Alex Stephenson of Maniacal Music, made a video for King of Nothing, and it seemed that people were starting to notice. In just a little over a year after these four guys decided to give it another shot, Soapbox Arson has been able to play with some of the very best bands in the state, they’ve shared the stage with national acts such as Puddle of Mudd, Alien Ant Farm, and Sponge, and they are back at JP Audio Labs working on their first full length album. Soapbox Arson may still be the new boys in the scene but with their energetic live show, a set of great songs, and a grateful attitude, things are looking up and people are starting to recognize the name. Keep your eyes and ears open because big things are on the horizon for Soapbox Arson.
What Happened Yesterday
What Happened Yesterday
Metal infused Rock
Melodic Metal

Band Members
Jeremy Fulton - Vocals, Wes Norman - Lead Guitar, Charlie Fuson - Drums, Jeremy Roberts - Rhythm Guitar, Mathew Mounts- Bass

Asheboro, NC

"Hoc nos ostendamus vobis viam"
"Let us show you the way"

2014 Rock Band Of The Year for the Carolina Music Awards

Plural (male)

Maynard James Keenan Brandon Boyd, Incubus, Tool APC Puscifer Down
Venue Information:
The Blind Tiger NC
1819 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC, 27403