TreeHouse! with The Hypnotic Conquest

The Blind Tiger presents

TreeHouse! with The Hypnotic Conquest

The Hypnotic Conquest

Wed · February 21, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$5 in adv/$8 day of

This event is 16 and over

For nearly seven years, the guys from TreeHouse! have spent the majority of their days as road warriors blazing sprawls of highway and at night playing an unapologetic enthusiastic blend of reggae jam rock they are know for in venues across the nation.

TreeHouse! songs resonate in your soul. With lyrics filled with rising above adversity, gratitude, and unity. For every setback, there's a step up waiting for you if you keep your focus. For every day, there's a blessing to count and for every event, we must recognize we are a part of it all. It's this kind of message that makes the most recent studio album, Lifted, their strongest release to date.

"The message of Lifted is best portrayed in the simple words inside the cover: Love. Peace. Gratitude. Compassion. Positivity. Awareness. Empowerment. Awakening. Enlightenment. Our endeavor is whatever we can do to realize and actualize these concepts within this world" says Frontman Jeremy Anderson

In 2010, lead singer Jeremy Anderson and drummer Trey Moody formed the foundation of the American Reggae Jam Rock band TreeHouse! With a high five and a dream, they jumped into a passenger van to travel the country and share their good vibes. Along the way they picked up fellow band members Joe Harley on Keyboards/Theramin/Vocals and the talented Scott Nichols on Bass.

Throughout the years, the band has collaborated with other up and coming artists in the genre including Sun-Dried Vibes, Oogee Wawa, and others, building a like minded community they call "Brother Bands. "

"We use the term “Brother Band” for any band with which we frequently work and vibe together. We often only work with other bands who work as hard as us, so our Brother Bands are those on the same long path. We use this term to indicate the Family vibe and cohesiveness of our scene of mostly East Coast Reggae Rock bands, with the idea that we can all do more together than we can alone. We have a nice community building around this idea. The Family-Community Vibe is one of the most important messages we can portray in the ultimate endeavor of Unity and One Love."

After teaming up with musical idols like The Wailers, 311, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Stick Figure and SOJA along their journey and in the spirit of the bands who laid the road before them, these road warriors continue to spread their roots coast to coast.

The TreeHouse! single, "Blessings" was picked by Stephen Marley and Ky-Mani Marley as one of the top 10 songs out of hundreds of contestants in the Marley's Music Uprising, because they felt this song exemplified the spirit of Bob Marley.

"I drive long hours, I carry heavy equipment, and I fully exert myself every night, but I see these experiences as training and growth, and I find peace and joy in them before we even get on stage for the fun part. The live show itself heals me every night. I write these songs, to some extent, for my own sake. If I am to sing this song every night, I try to make it beneficial for my own being and implant within it a message that I may need to hear, myself, for reassurance in my journey. Whenever we are feeling overwhelmed with our path, someone comes like a messenger from the universe and feels the need to express how much we’ve affected their life for the better, just by doing what we do. That’s what always keeps us going."

TreeHouse! is currently in the studio working on a new album to be released in 2018
The Hypnotic Conquest
The Hypnotic Conquest
Rock, Blues Ragge with a touch of funkiness.

Band Members
Current Line Up 2017

Guitar/Vocals- Nic Hoover... See More

High Point/Greensboro/Jamestown

The Hypnotic Conquest has always been an energy driven band based out of the Triad of North Carolina. Rocking out and bringing the Heat any chance they get.

The Hypnotic Conquest is a Dream Hoover started in Greensboro 2007. Hoover has had a killer line up of musicians to play throughout the years to help his dream come true. T.H.C Played their last show at Hams Palladium HighPoint New Years eve 2010 into 2011. Now the year 2017 and Nic Has Decided to put a new line up of Musicians to continue the dream. Right now he is in the Studio recording with Matt Gordan Sound man and recording Maestro For The Mantras. The Album is expected to be finished this year with maybe an additional EP with bonus tracks. Look forward to them performing all Originals with limited covers in your town soon.

Bands THC Covers

Jimi Hendrix
Bob Marley
Blink 182
Steven Miller Band
Ben Harper
Dirty Heads
Tribal Seeds
Amy Whine House
Slightly Stoopid


Current Location
High Point, NC
Venue Information:
The Blind Tiger NC
1819 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC, 27403