The Battle For Summer Slaughter 2018 ft guest headliner: Dear Desolate

Crank It Loud presents

The Battle For Summer Slaughter 2018 ft guest headliner: Dear Desolate

Never I, Persistent Shadow, Arm The Witness, Constellation Atlas, Systematic Devastation

Sat · May 12, 2018

6:00 pm


This event is all ages

Dear Desolate
Dear Desolate
Dear Desolate is a 5 piece Nü-Metal band hailing from Raleigh, NC. The name serves as a constant reminder that without passion to fill voids, life is bleak.

Dear Desolate is a band consisting of different beliefs in all aspects of life. Their basic message is to think individually and to respect any opinion that someone may have.

The group which consists of Christopher Walsh, Tyler Davis, Brandon Garrison, and Jeffy Capozzoli, recorded and released their first EP in December 2013 titled 'The Fiction Diary.' In May of 2014 Dear Desolate picked up Kristofer Sunico and soon released their two singles 'Live Free or Die' and 'Pulling Teeth' produced by Drew Fulk and Kile Odell.
Persistent Shadow
Persistent Shadow started out in 2009 as a rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band was formed by Casey Helms, Thomas Ownbey, Tyler Medlin, and Lucas Parot. After many line up changes and a switch in music style to metalcore, the new line up consist of Samuel Boatright,Casey Helms, Colin Michael, and Logan Napier. Nick Currier. The new look and sound of Persistent Shadow was brought about in 2013.
Venue Information:
The Blind Tiger NC
1819 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC, 27403