The Blind Tiger 30 Year Anniversary Kickoff Party with  Come Back Alice & The Wright Ave with Duk Tan & Twisted River Junction

The Blind Tiger & Uncle John's Bone presents

The Blind Tiger 30 Year Anniversary Kickoff Party with Come Back Alice & The Wright Ave with Duk Tan & Twisted River Junction

Twisted River Junction, Duk Tan

Thu · June 28, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 16 and over

Free Show, No Cover charge

Come Back Alice
Come Back Alice
Come Back Alice is a Southern Gypsy Funk band. Soulful Vocals, melodic guitars, baroque style violin and funky bass & drums make up the heart of CBA's sound.

Tony Tyler (lead vocals/guitar/B3 organ), a native of Dublin, GA, began making music at the tender age of 3. With a father in the music business, it was simply in his genes, inspiring him to sing and play drums like his dad. By age 12, he was given his first guitar, and after hearing Duane Allman play slide, his focus soon shifted to fronting and leading his own band. Tony is an accomplished multi-insturmentalist with a vocal range and style that tops off his many exceptional talents. As front man for Come Back Alice, Tony brings this talent to the stage for all to enjoy.

Dani Jaye (harmony vocals, violin, guitar) began her life on horseback. Her enormous passion for animals and competitive riding kept her busy through high school, but it was music that brought her true happiness and a strong sense of destiny. The gift of a violin from her aunt at age 13 planted the seed for her enveloping love of music, making her into the music power house she is today. Dani's sweet yet devilish stage presence matched by her intense fiddle styling captivates all who witness her performances.

A jack of all trades, a master of 3; engineering, snowboarding, and bass. John was always musically inclined, and at the age of 19 found his instrument in the bass. A rambler, John has since traveled across the country, and spent 3 years off and on in Colorado. He attained a level 2 snowboard instructor certification, and enjoyed his time in the rockies as a jeep guide in the Elk Mountains and a raft guide on the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers. He has since achieved a degree in engineering from UCF, and moved back home to lay mind melting, face shattering, earth quaking bass lines with CBA. His influences include Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorious, Allen Woody, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, and Aston "Family Man" Barrett.

Yral Morris, a native of Miami FL, has a playing style that is deeply rooted in gospel and jazz. First picking up the sticks at the age of 2, he was certain from the beginning that his calling was to make music. "Being on stage is indescribable. It's really unlike any feeling you could have, there are no words to describe it. A dream come true to be honest." He brings to Come Back Alice a rock solid foundation that makes everyone in the room start to groove. "If you ain't movin' and groovin' I'm not doing my job."

Come Back Alice has played as primary and stand-in musicians for many national acts; this experience contributes to their tight sound and professionalism both on and off the stage
The Wright Avenue
The Wright Avenue

The Wright Ave, aptly named after a street in their home of Greensboro, NC, is a newly formed power trio making a big noise. Delivering mean,funked, blues.
Twisted River Junction
Twisted River Junction
Blues, Reggae, Rock, Funk

Band Members
Conner Andrews-Drums
Michael Feeney-Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Gunter-Bass, Vocals
Zach Smith-Guitar, Vocals
Jacob Holt-Saxophone, Keys

High Point

Twisted River Junction hosts an open mic/jam every Wed. night at The Deck at River Twist in Jamestown from 8-11:30pm and play every Thurs. night at Blue Bourbon Jacks from 10:30-1:30pm. Blues, rock, reggae, funk and more.
Duk Tan
Duk Tan
DUK TAN is the brainchild of Jeff Winfrey and Waylon Bayard.
From their humble beginings as the BIG OCEAN BAND, together along with bassist Dave McLendon, the trio has come full circle to include Tron(aka Travis Weddington for those not in the know) as a part of their improvisational project band DUK TAN. The band clearly loves performing before audiences and playing music in its most free and open form. That free form being improvisation. DUK TAN intentionally strives to make each performance different from the last, in both subject matter and musical content. They draw inspiration and influence from countless artists; Zappa, MMW, Mars Volta, Clutch, Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Phish,.. The list stretches on forever. Sometimes dirty, sometimes funky, sometimes just trying to make you laugh, their goal is to take the audience on an auditory adventure into the cosmos....
Venue Information:
The Blind Tiger NC
1819 Spring Garden St.
Greensboro, NC, 27403